Jeremy Lin endorses Vici Gaming J

Vici Gaming J was created on the 9th of September, 2016 and recently endorsed by Basket ball super star Jeremy Lin.


With the recent creation of Vici Gaming J, Vici gaming already has a ton of sponsors including the China Digital Culture Group (CDC) which have relations with Jeremy Lin. Jeremy as many know, is one of the best basket ball players with a heavy fan base in Asian, particularly China. China Digital Culture Group’s relationships with Jeremy orginates from the purchase of licencing agreement to use Jeremy’s photos and name in marketing for their Dota 2 team for 3 years.


With CDC sponsoring yet another Dota 2 team, it was only a matter of time before Jeremy got brought up. Jeremy was named as the Honorary Captain of Vici Gaming J and likely a publicity stunt by the team to gain further attention. Personally, I think this is great as it displays the interest these great sportsmen getting into Esports which will help grow the industry further.