Jeremy Lin launched an eSports team



Jeremy Lin has been known to be an eSports enthusiast for a long time. He has in collaboration with Vici Gaming and China Digital Group decided to launch his own eSports team called VGJ. The team will be a DotA team and will be immediately competing in several tournaments.

“China Digital Group considers eSports as one of major business of growth in recent years. We’ll integrate our celebrity resources and eSports teams to create market value,” said Chris Hsu, CEO of the CDC, to ESPN.

This is Vici Gaming’s fourth Dota 2 roster, alongside Reborn, Potential and the core Vici Gaming team. Though some talent for this lineup was taken from the other rosters, this adds another rising roster to the international stage.

“We’re still talking about endorsements. I’m an NBA player, and I’m taken care of very well. When I endorse a team, I’ll take care of the team very well. I hope to (take) my experience from the NBA and bring it to eSports.”

This marks another entry by NBA player and organisations into eSports. It really seems with E League investing in Esports in a big way NBA is following suit.