Jin Air Green Wings vs. CJ Entus – LCK week 7 – Previews & predictions

Jin air vs CJ

CJ have had an extremely difficult split thus far, and seem likely to face relegations by the end of this split. To be fair, they’ve been really unlucky in many instances where they take the series to the third game and are unable to pull through with a victory.

While I do feel bad for CJ, there are obvious reasons as to why they are last place. When it comes to match-ups against higher seeded teams, their play tends to be sloppy, communication poor and resources allocated in a very inefficient manner. A key problem that CJ have at the moment is their inability to foresee plays that’ll happen in the future and make calls to deal with incoming tower dives, MIAs and ganks.

Overall, I always favour the well-rounded team with every single member pulling their own weight. CJ is still very orientated around Kramer and Sky carrying the team while Jin Air have multiple carry threats.

Prediction: Jin Air Green Wings 60% | CJ Entus 40% (2-0 Jin Air Victory)