Jin Air Green Wings vs. Kongdoo Monsters – LCK 2016 – Week 9 – Day 3 – Preview

The matchup between Jin Air Green Wings & Kongdoo Monsters in Round 9 Day 3 of LOL LCK will take place on the 11th of March 2016 at 8pm KST Time.

Jin air

Losing Jin Air’s star players Chaser and GBM was a huge blow to their team at the start of the season. However, they have done an excellent job in revitalizing their team cohesion and coming out of this split as a top tier Korean team.

Jin Air’s strength lie in their top laner dominance, translating a fed top laner into strong team fights during the mid game.

The rookie team of the split on the otherhand, the Kongdoo Monsters, are lacking in all aspects of the game. Their laners are weaker, team fighting is sloppy and their individual players are not on the same level as Jin Air.

Overall, Jin Air should claim an easy (2-0) W.

Predictions: Jin Air Green Wings 84% | Kongdoo Monsters 16%