Jin Air Green Wings vs. Samsung Galaxy – LCK 2016 – Week 4 – Day 3 – Preview

Jin Air Green Wings vs. Samsung Galaxy are matched up against each other for the League of Legends Champion Korea will be held Wednesday, February 5, 2016 – Day 3 Week 4.

Jin air

This match will be consisting of Jin Air which are coming second currently with an astonishing 5 wins and only a single loss vrsing Samsung Galaxy who so far is coming with an average score of 3 wins and losses.

Jin Air Green Wings have definitely been showing their strongest so far, usually considered a mid – high tier team, they are definitely showing fans and others alike they are a top 2 contender to take out the series. Samsung Galaxy is another team yet sponsored by Samsung, but the Samsung team haven’t been showing to be too promosing lately, especially when compared to Samsung White 2 years ago.

Both of these teams are highly skilled and the match between the two will be ferocious and is a must watch. I predict Jin Air will win since they are on a roll this season, and I don’t expect them to be slowing down any time soon, good luck to both teams!

Predictions : Jin Air Green Wings 75% l Samsung Galaxy 25%