Jin Air takes SKT – Longest game EVER


Jin Air has defeated the 3 time world champion 2-1 with a very long 94 minute game – Game 3

In the highest domestic level of play, the LCK (Korean equivalent of the LCS / LMS), Jin Air had one of their matches against SK Telecom T1 last a crazy 94 minutes and 36 seconds. While you may have seen, or even participated in games this long in normals or ranked, it almost never happens in the competitive scene.

This is because at the highest level of play, games are usually fast paced, and team these good rarely make any mistakes, meaning the team with a fairly decent lead at the start, usually snowball to a quick win under 40 minutes. However, this was not the case for Jin Air vs. SKT. SKT is known to be a very meticulous team, only executing plays they know will work in their favour, this led to Jin Air being forced to extend the game as SKT refused to have their base broken.

Unfortunately, SKT has lost to Jin Air with their new roster having replaced Huni and Peanut. SKT is much weaker than 2017, however, they remain a strong team that’ll likely still place in the upper portions of the 2018 LCK.