Kairi leaves Penta, stfN on trial.



Penta have had a decent run with the current roster. While it has not been one of their best rosters, it definitely has not been below expectations. However the German organisation has cut ties with Kairi as the team look forth to maintaining a German roster.


This move comes in view of a surge in the number of domestic events that the team will be participating in. From the looks of it, it seems there was some communication problem within the team. However things are still unclear as to why the team decided to part ways with Kairi.


They did play in ESL Meisterchaft without Kairi. The coach kafaku stood in for Kairi during the recently concluded event.


They have focused on stfN who is currently fulfilling a trial period in Team Penta. If they feel comfortable with him especially in the communication department, we should be looking at stfN joining Penta soon enough.


The current roster for Team Penta is as follows :


  • mikeS
  • Iowel
  • tahsin
  • stfN