Katowice Group A / Day 1 Review

Katowice 2016


The group A matches held on day 1 of IEM Katowice at Spode have come to an end. The Group involved 6 teams out of which only three would qualify for the playoffs stage.


The Results on Day 1

Match Results

Standings Within Group A
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Luminosity Gaming, our dark horses, definitely pulled their weight. They were up 3-0 into the first three matches having already defeated the powerhouses in NaVi and Fnatic. The fourth match was against Mouseports on Cobblestone. Mouz looked like they would take the match home after securing a very convincing 14-8 lead. However LG managed a stellar CT side to eventually win 8 rounds in a row 16-14. LG have come into this tournament with a determination and focus to crack into the top echelons of the CS:GO teams and they have consistently put up good results. They are not afraid to cut out a player if they feel they are not progressing. The team itself has achieved much more than some of the more establishes teams such as Hellraisers, NIP have achieved in the past year. Under the guidance of fallen, this team sticks together like a unit. Their self control even in advantageous situations helps to secure their economy and their round win.


Fnatic had a pretty decent showing themselves, losing only the map to LG on Inferno. Fnatic started off the day with a very convincing win over NaVi on Dust2. Recall that Dust2 is one of the best maps for NaVi. Winning 16-10 on Dust 2 is definitely an achievement for Fnatic. Their next match was against NIP – their local rivals. This match was extremely close with NIP on the brink of victory but just missing out. The match ended due to a ninja defuse by Fnatic in a very anti-climatic finish to an otherwise exciting matchup. Their last match of the day was against Mouz in a very close match that went all the way to overtime. Fnatic pulled out victorious in the end but the outcome could very well have been something entirely different.


NaVi’s performance was very lacklustre. Their day started off badly after a loss to Fnatic on Dust2. They then followed it up by a loss to LG. The third match was against NIP. This match was on their best map of Overpass. In a very close matchup, NaVi managed to pull out victorious due to a stronger CT side as compared to NIP.


A special mention must be made to NIP and Mouz. Despite not qualifying for the playoffs, these teams managed to put up a very strong fight to the top teams. NIP could very well have been 3-0 in the tournament. The maps that they lost were very close and could have been won quite easily. Mouz were on the brink of victory on two separate occasions and could have won against LG. They were 14-8 up and losing 14-16 from that situation is nothing but embarrassing. The final map against Fnatic was equally close with Mouz definitely having a good chance of defeating Fnatic on one of Fnatic’s strongest maps.


Our friends from Asia were never expected to be a strong contender especially amongst the likes of NaVI, Fnatic and NIP. However they had a very good learning experience. Their players in Machinegun and Zilkenberg will take a lot back from this tournament. Hopefully it will help them to improve their game especially as #csgo2asia seems to be up and rising.