Katowice PlayOffs / Day 3 Review


Day 3 was elimination day with six rounds of best of three matches to be played consisting of the #2 and #3 ranked teams from the group stages.


The first match of the day was between Tempo Storm and NaVi and was extremely close in the scorelines. The three maps chosen were Overpass, Cobblestone and Mirage. The first map was a walkover for NaVI. Overpass is definitely one of NaVi’s best maps and they showcased that with a 16-10 scoreline win over Tempo Storm. The second map however was quite a different story. Tempo Storm came off with an amazing start to Cobblestone. They went up 12-3 on the terrorist half and racked up the rounds. However their CT side faltered by a large margin and the game ended up in overtime. Tempo Storm came off ahead in overtime and scored a very good win over NaVi. The third and final map was Mirage – a favorite map for both the teams. The Brazilian side took off after their stronger local counterparts in LG. They had some innovative strategies on Mirage and a executed them flawlessly. However NaVi had all the experience and the raw aim. Even with Guardian underperforming, Flamie and Seized always managed to came out ahead and eventually score the win over Tempo Storm. It was a good match for Tempo Storm and they showed a lot of spirit just falling short in the end.


The second quarterfinal (Round of Six) match was between Fnatic and Virtus Pro. The match was played at Spodek in front of a huge crowd. The entire stadium showed immense support for the Polish team. However Virtus Pro has been reeling from a very lacklustre performance recently was not able to manage any commendable gameplay against what is undoubtedly the best team in the world, Fnatic. Fnatic swept through Virtus Pro in two straight maps 16-5 and 16-8. Virtus Pro looked very feeble losing both the maps in under single digits.


The business end of the tournament saw the two semi finals being played in what was already turning out to be a very long day.


Semi Final 1

Luminosity vs NaVi

LG Image

After NaVi’s win over Tempo Storm , Fallen the IGL of Luminosity Gaming was out for revenge.



The brazilian side who were 4-1 in the group stages managed to once again take NaVi to very close maps. The first map ended up in overtime however the Brazilian side were able to best NaVi on Overpass. Overpass is one of the best maps for NaVI and one of the worst for Luminosity. LG were able to win in double overtime with a scoreline of 22-19 and continued their form into the second map on Inferno. Luminosity are definitely favoured on Inferno and they showed their prowess by defeating NaVi 16-12. Luminosity have been performing exceptionally and consistently making it to the top echelon of the teams.



The second semi final was marred with a very delayed match. The players waited in the venue for more than 16 hours before the best of three match. The energy levels of the players were at an all time low and while some might say starting the day had its advantages, the disadvantages were definitely being felt during this matchup.





The first map was an easy victory on Overpass for Fnatic. Overpass is supposed to be one of the best maps for Astralis. However despite winning both the pistol rounds, Astralis managed to win only 6 rounds and lost the map 16-6. It looked very bleak at this stage, especially with Fnatic crushing the Danes in such a dominant way.


The second map was Cache. This is one of the worst maps for Astralis and a map that they constantly veto. This map saw a very bad CT side from Fnatic who couldn’t win any Gun rounds on their CT side. They had only 2 rounds and those were off the pistol round. Astralis won this map 16-12. The way the Swedes played brought on the barrage of tweets from players and casters alike regarding mental fatigue due to the bad scheduling from the tournament organisers.


The third map, Inferno is one of Fnatic’s best maps. They verified the tag by winning the first half 11-4. The Swedish teams were really strong in their executes and were constantly trading any entry kills that Astralis could manage. Eventually winning the map and the semi finals, 16-7 Fnatic went on to face Luminosity in the finals.


The Finals of the IEM  Katowice 2016 will be held on the 5th of March 2016 at 18:00 CET.

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