Keev to replace ptr on NRG; FugLy also likely to be replaced

NRG csgoKevin “Keev” Bartholomäus will join the NRG Counter-Strike roster as the main-AWPer, filling the vacancy left by departing player Peter “ptr” Gurney, according to multiple sources.

Keev is currently a player for the German team Alternate Attax, which will make multiple roster changes of their own upon his departure, according to a source close to the team. While often described as the best player on Alternate Attax, Keev will look to try to help NRG improve after lackluster performances at the ESL Season 4 Pro League Finals and Northern Arena: Montreal.

NRG will also look to replace North American player Jacob “FugLy” Medina, according to sources, under the premise of having a full roster of German players.

The roster changes will likely be announced in the coming weeks.


This is a rumored report posted by SlingShoteSports. We cannot confirm the news for now.