Kha’zix changes – Skill rundown

Kha’zix has received an overwhelming buff for the preseason.

As if Kha’zix wasn’t enough of a pain before, now the champion will be played even more frequently due to the buffs.


Passive has been lowered abit, which reduces the champion’s base attack damage, which is thought by riot to counter the buffs from his other skills. THEY WERE WRONG


The cool down has been increased by 1 second, from 3 to 4 seconds. However, the scaling from AD to damage has increased from 1.2 to 1.4, which is pretty big considering most Kha’zix builds grants him 400 AD once completely. This means an increase of roughly, 80 damage. But that’s not all, now the evolved version of the Q gives Kha’zix a 60% COOL DOWN REDUCTION on isolated targets.

Have fun getting jungle camped by Kha’zix Ya’ll!


Some minor changes which reduces Kha’zix’s effectiveness in the early game, since he can’t gank too easily. The slow from his W has been removed, unless you evolve the W, which then causes the enemy to get slowed by 40%, evolved slows on isolated targets are now a STAGGERING 80%. But let’s face it, Kha’zix doesn’t gank much early, and the slow isn’t even worth it to be casted prior to the patch, since the cast time slows Kha’zix down more.

Once again, have fun getting camped in the jungle and being isolated!



No changes.


Oh boy, are we all going to die! Not only has the invisibility get increased by 25% prior to evolution, Pink wards are removed and control wards don’t spot the damn bug! What does this mean? He will be the biggest pain in the whole game to kill. The main change however come from the evolution, sure Kha’zix doesn’t get an extra stack, instead, he gains movement speed for 2.5 seconds, and gains a passive where any bush entered while out of combat casts the ultimate free for him.