KICK vs mixcat.



KICK vs Mixcat.

We are inspecting the match up that commences at 10PM GMT on Sunday the 3rd of January 2016. This is a Best of Three that is involved with the AlienTech European Cup. This will be an interesting game to examine because both teams seem evenly matched. We will take a look at the rosters , both teams past games including opponents and analyse the data to statistically give a winner of the game.

KICK are a Portuguese side with an amateur lineup, no player has been handed the opportunity to play at at a high professional level probably because they haven’t deserved it. They have lost 100% of their last five games against teams G2,CAZ,NP!,GPS.R and Property. They have been playing awful of recent times and I cannot seem them suddenly picking a game against a decent team out of thin air.

Mixcat are a Finnish team and have a strong , solid line up with a good bit of experience and chemistry. Their game play has contained good leadership and suNny showing his rifling skills. They have won 40% of their previous five games and have proved themselves to be the favorite of this game with wins over Reason and SK Gaming.

These teams have the experience of challenging one another one time before with a landslide win from mixcat (16 – 6 on Dust 2).

Rosters Include;

K1CK: zpr, JUST, Pizituh, Mutt, RMN

mixcat: suNny, xartE, naSu, juho, stonde

My prediction: 78% for Mixcat to take this Best of Three event.

Calvin Hynes.