Kiki’s on why he’s not on the LCS

Former LCS star Kikis reveals why he isnt playing in the LCS

In a video, Kikis explains to fans numerous reasons why he urgently isn’t playing in the LCS. He first starts off by denying rumours that he was unable to receive offers, whether it be due to past emotional problems or lack of skill.

Kikis details he received numerous offers, however, one offer was much better in comparison to the rest. As a result, he believed the team would sign him, especially after a friend assured he would likely get the position, thus putting the other teams on hold. Unfortunately, due to this error in judgement, he not only failed to receive an offer for his initial choice, but other teams had moved on to sign other players.

Kikis was then offered to sign with teams outside the LCS, however, he declined. Currently, he aims to scrim other teams with a fairly decent squad.

Current ‘team’;