KillDream joins paiN



paiN Gaming had a disappointing offline event at the recently concluded Brasil Game Cup held in Sao Paulo. They finished 3rd-4th place in the event, where many expected them to make the finals at the very least. Considering how less teams were actually playing the tournament and the quality of the teams present, it was a surpsise to everyone to see paiN gaming perform so poorly.


This has prompted the organisation to secure the services of Killdream. KillDream is a former Kick Player and later played for Alientech.

The current roster consists of :

  • zqks
  • LuL4
  • s1
  • dukeN
  • KillDreaM
  • felippe ( Coach)

The team is expected to travel to the US in order to participate in the ECS Dev Cup to be held in a couple of weeks.