KKona vs Luminosity Gaming – Overpass – ESL Pro League Season 3 – Tips, Odds and Preview



KKona and Luminosity Gaming are matched up against each other in the ESL Pro league Season 3 match to be held on the 24th of March 2016 at 01:00 CET on the map of Overpass.




  • KKona are ex-SKDC. They lost their organisation and have been going with Kkona ever since.
  • As a team, KKOna are pretty good on Dust2 and Cache.
  • However over the past couple of months, their results have been lacking. They have had much more losses than wins  and that definitely contributes in deciding the fate of this matchup
  • KKona’s recent matchups – KKOna recent Matches

Luminosity Gaming

  • LG are probably the second or third best team in the world. They have consistently put up a great fight against the very top teams in CS:GO.
  • Overpass is one of their better maps which includes Fallen going crazy with his AWP on a long section of the map.
  • The skill difference between LG and KKona is huge, favoring LG.
  • Watch out for any DDOS tweets by LG players. if they do tweet as such, please avoid betting on this match

The Prediction : 85%-15% LG

The Bet : High on LG