Kongdoo Monster vs. SBENU SONICBOOM – LCK 2016 – Week 10 – Day 4 – Preview

The matchup between Kongdoo Monster vs. SBENU SONICBOOM in Week 10, Day 4 of LOL LCK will take place on Saturday, 19th of March 2016

KongDoo Monsters

Oh boy, this is going to be messy. The last time these two teams faced off, Kongdoo Monster were still operating under Najin sponsorship (E-mFire). It was also one of the only games that Kongdoo managed to pick up this season.

The score was (1-1), Kongdoo was in control, trying to push their win condition by securing more objectives and using baron to take control of the map. But for the struggling SBENU, it was one of those games where even though you’re losing, you’ve managed to drag the game out for so long that the gold deficit doesn’t matter anymore. And even though they had managed to hold their ground and come out even or on top of some late 50 minute skirmishers, they had no map pressure, no towers or inhibitors to consolidate their lead into something meaningful. And all it took was an xPeke to swiftly end their dreams of winning a game. Lol rekt.

I expect this match-up to be no different than their encounter three months ago. Junglers are going to be able to walk into over-extended lanes and pick up free kills, fights are going to be sloppy and anyone can become the hero of this game.

Prediction: Kongdoo Monsters 60% | SBENU SONICBOOM 40%

Outcome: Kongdoo Monsters (2-0)