Kongdoo Monster vs. SKTelecom T1 LOL LCK Week 12 Day 2 Tips, Odds & Preview

LCK White

Kongdoo Monster take on SKTelecom T1 on Thursday the 31st of March in Day 2 of Week 12 in the LOL LCK.


Nothing needs to be said about this match up. SKT are obviously practising rigorously to make up for their slow start this season. They’ve made significant adjustments to their gameplay with Faker stepping it up even more.

Kongdoo Monster

Kongdoo have nothing to lose in this matchup. But they are simply outclassed in every facet of the game. You’re putting skilled against unskilled, coordinated against uncoordinated, experienced against inexperienced. Their chances of victory are extremely bleak. It wouldn’t surprise me to see some rather unorthodox picks come out of Kongdoo, as an attempt to cheese or surprise their way to a victory.


Predictions: Kongdoo Monster 20% | SKTelecom T1 80%


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