Korean OGN League of Legends Interviewer “Jo Eun Jung” Quits!

The young and beautiful OGN interviewer and LCS translator Jo Eun Jung has announced that she will be retiring from the League of Legends scene.

Jo Eun Jung has decided to quit her much loved job as she expressed in the video to priroritize and focus more on her study.

This is definitely heart breaking news to OGN and League fans alike, since personally, I’d say she was one of the best Interviewers in all the regions as she brings so much joy to the players and viewers with her charismatic attitude.


She has announced that she will still be in the reporting scene, which indicates her studies might be towards journalism, so if you understand / are korean, you wil be seeing more of her in the future!~

We will all miss her, her lively attitude and huge smile.

We wish you all the best Jo Eun Jung!