Krepo is back!

Schalke has recruited Krepo as their new coach


Former professional LoL player Krepo has decided to return in the competitive scene by signing with Schalke. While Krepo had still been active in League of Legends in general, occasionally appearing as a caster for the EU LCS, he had minimal impact on the game itself. Krepo only managed to stay on his last team, Elements, for a minuscule 2+ months, compared to his more well known time on Evil Geniuses (1.5 years).

It’s great Krepo had decided to sign with a team, since his knowledge will be able to develop Schalke, since after all, they’re a relatively inexperienced team. While Schalke has signed Krepo as the head coach, he’ll not only able to work as a mentor for the players, but drastically improve their performance through his experience as a caster and analyst.