KT Rolster signs Smeb and PawN

Pawn returns from China and rejoins Korea in KT Rolster along with Pawn

Pawn had previously played with Chinese team Edward Gaming for around 2 years, where he joined them after winning the 2014 League of Legend World Championships. Since then, the team went on to winning and placing highly in a muiltitude of major tournaments including the 2015 Spring and Summer split and the 2016 Spring and Summer split in the LPL.

Smeb too has had an amazing 2 years on ROX Tigers, once of the best teams in Korea, which was reaffirmed in the 2016 World Championships. While ROX couldn’t defeat SKT much, Smeb was the highlight of the team in those matches where he not only kept up with SKT Duke, but even at times solo killed Duke.

KT Rolster has always been one of Korea’s best and long standing teams. With these 2 world class players, it is expected they will advance even further and I expect them to strongly challenge SKT for the Spring and Summer LCK split cup.