KT Rolster vs. Afreeca Freecs – LCK 2016 – Week 11 – Day 2 – Preview

The matchup between KT Rolster vs. Afreeca Freecs in Week 11, Day 2 of LOL LCK will take place on Thursday, 24rd of March 2016

KT Rolster

KT Rolster are fighting over the second place seed with Jin Air Falcons. The cool, controlled and calm nature of KT’s gameplay allows them to play with ferocity when ahead, and defensiveness when behind. KT are smart enough to make sure that their gold deficit does not grow when behind and grow their leads through objective control.



Last week’s game against Afreeca was a huge turnaround for KT. With Ssumday coming out of laning phase with a devastating score of 1-5. KT were able to play a very defensive style of gameplay, and relied on good warding and mistakes made by the enemy to slowly make their way back into the game. I suspect this game will be no different. KT should be able to cruise into the mid-late game with a decent gold lead. This should be created through their strong rotations and carry style jungle and top lane. But in the case of losing the laning phase, KT will be able to make the right calls to make sure that all is not lost.

Overall, KT should take a well-earned victory over Afreeca Freecs, making the fight for the second place seed much more interesting.

Prediction: KT Rolster 70% | Afreeca Freecs 30%