KT Rolster vs. Jin Air Green Wings Preview LCK Week 6, Day 2 – Summer Split 2016

KT vs Jin air

KT Rolster play Jin Air Green Wings on Week 6 of the 2016 LCK Summer Spring Split. The match will be played on Tuesday 28th of June at 9pm local time.

At the top of the LCK standings boasts some of the most consistent teams in the world. A victory here would either level Jin Air with KT in second place or push KT up to equal first.

We are seeing heightened aggression coming out of top tier team from every region in the world from EU’s G2, NA’s TSM and Koreas ROX and KT; they demonstrate clean cut shot calling to make aggressive plays early and push that advantage.

KT is a very proactive team. Score plays a huge part in making risky tower dives and rotations in the early game. For the most part, they come out on top, creating sizeable gold leads as well as grabbing dragon pre-15 minutes. Unlike Longzhu who struggle to close out games with their leads, KT proficiently snowball leads into easy victories.

Jin Air on the other hand are much more methodical and prefer the game played at a slower, more passive aggressive pace. This is why they have trouble against top tier teams and their aggression.

Overall, KT is without a doubt favourites to win this match. With the meta coming back to Ssumday’s preferred top lane carry style and dragons becoming ever so important, KT should be able to outclass Jin Air in this best of three.

Prediction KT Rolster 55% | Jin Air 45% (2-0 KT victory)