KT Rolster vs. ROX Tigers Preview LCK Week 3 Summer Split

KT Rolster play ROX Tigers on Wednesday the 8th of June at 10pm local time in Week 3 of the LCK Summer Summer Split.

Two teams that are always chasing the championship title; ROX and KT have always been close, always close to being the best in Korea, always close to first place in the ladder, but never truly first.



Both teams are very similar in terms of skill.

Ssumday and Smeb can comfortable claim the title for top 3 top laners in Korea. I expect them to both pick very tanky bruiser type top laners and continuously have the so called ‘wet noodle fights’.

Score and Peanut are both equally aggressive in their jungle pathing and ganking. We will see them making a lot of flash Elise cocoons or Rek’Sai knock-ups during the early laning phase where they will attempt to make their mark.



The KT vs. ROX bot lane is a very interesting one. In KT’s previous games against SKT and Longzhu, Arrow and Hachani have been playing very aggressively, with a lot of 2v2 trade offs. I think in this match-up against PraY and GorillA, they will seek to further their aggression and win the laning phase. Hachani has been a strong communicator, setting up a lot of plays especially with Alistar and Arrow has also made stellar performances with Jhin and Caitlyn.

Prediction: KT Rolster 55% | ROX Tigers 45% (2-1 KT Victory)

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