KYB interview

Prooverwatch conducted an interview with KYB. Excerpts from the same


You are British, but you didn’t play for the UK in the World Cup. What do you think about the nomination process?

I didn’t really know how it would work, before it started, but the way it turned out I think it was fine.

After the qualifiers are you happy with your national team’s performance? How does Kruise think about it?

I am pretty sure the teams they played against had a lot more professional players on them than content creators. So I think they did fine overall. I didn’t actually talk about it with Kruise.

REUNITED is a player-owned organisation, how does that work?

I do not have a share in the company, I am simply contracted to REUNITED and I am just playing with them, honestly. No partial ownership or anything complicated.

REUNITED are a long-standing roster even from previous games. How did you get picked up, what was the process like and how did you fit into the team?

So I was playing solo-queue, did pretty well and approached Winghaven. They decided to give it a try, tested me for about a week and picked me up. Weirdly enough it was really easy to fit in. We started playing together, it was a really easy mix not complicated at all.

How did playing solo queue differ from playing on a team?

It was very different, I had to adjust my play style a lot, because in solo queue you just go off and do your own thing and you can’t really do that in a team that much. I had to stop going off and kill everyone with my ult as Genji. There is also a much bigger focus on communication and coordination, which I had to get used to.

How do you as a player compare to TwoEasy in your opinion?

I mean comparing players in this game, unless they are playing the exact same role, doesn’t really work. TwoEasy is a hitscan-player and I am, I guess you could say, projectile-based or just Genji-/flex-player.

Do you think TwoEasy was partially removed due to sharing a role/hero-pool with vallutaja?

We never spoke about it in the team after I joined, but it could have been and probably was the reason, since he’s playing hitscan DPS for FaZe now, but that’s all I know about that.

Kyb’s signature hero – Genji

You are a big Genji player and he got changed in the patch following gamescom. How do you feel about Genji after the nerf?

At the start it felt kinda clunky, because you didn’t get the second jump after jumping off of a wall, so that needed some adjustment. In terms of popularity he probably didn’t see that much of a dip, because there really are only two good flankers with Genji and Tracer. Until a third one comes in, Genji isn’t going anywhere.

Do you think there is an inherent problem in balancing heroes like Genji for both casual and competitive play?

All those heroes are hard to balance between solo queue and competitive play, because for example Genji’s ult requires coordination and teamplay to deal with it and that’s very hard to come by in solo queue.

Talking about balance of DPS heroes in general, which heroes would you like to see buffed, nerfed or changed?

Soldier maybe needs a little bit of a buff. He’s okay right now, but you don’t see him that much. Pharah is very situational, but that’s probably just the meta with orb and McCree. That gives her a really hard time.

Let’s get into your history as a player, what games have you played before Overwatch?

I have never played on a team before Overwatch. I played CS:GO, Battlefield, pretty much every big FPS-Game that was popular. Mostly I played CS:GO and League of Legends for two or three years each.

Credit: Blizzard

Currently the Ana-Comp is very popular, how did that affect you as a DPS-player with most of these compositions lacking DPS-heroes?

It was quite easy for me to transition, because I play a lot of Roadhog and Mei, which I already played before anyway. So it wasn’t too hard of a meta-move to those heroes instead of playing constant DPS-heroes.

What are your thoughts on triple-tank in general?

My opinion, and I think I’ve seen it a lot, is that it makes the game very boring to watch. I don’t know how long it will be around for, because they will probably nerf Ana soon, probably after ELEAGUE.

Going into ELEAGUE, do you think teams that play well with and against triple-tank will have an edge?

I am pretty sure everyone is adjusting quite well to this meta, because it is not that hard to transition over, because the heroes played right now are not that difficult except for the supports.

How do you think your team stacks up in a triple-tank mirror match?

We played against NiP in the Lenovo Cup a few days ago and we beat them 3-0 in the mirror matchup, despite barely playing it compared to them.

What would you change about Ana?

I would nerf both the charge rate and the actual strength of the ultimate. If you don’t want to touch its charge rate, you probably have to nerf the strength really hard.

What do you think about the Eastern-European scene, that has been showing up more and more?

I think ANOX for example is a really strong team, but the meta is not very favorable for the players.
They have very good flankers on Genji and Tracer and excellent DPS players, but that’s not the focus right now. I think the triple-tank meta actually hurts them the most out of the European teams at ELEAGUE.

How does your preparation look going into ELEAGUE?

We’ve been bootcamping in Charlotte for a couple of days now, scrimming a lot of different teams and it’s been pretty good so far.

What teams have you been scrimming and who’s looking strong right now?

The strongest opponents in scrims so far have been EnVyUs and Rogue. As for the American side of things, besides EnVy of couse, we’ve been scrimming Cloud9 and Fnatic, who have been looking quite strong so far.
Cloud9 seems to have recovered quite well from the gamescom disappointment as well as Dignitas, who we haven’t been playing as much, but it seems to be doing quite well.

Are teams playing more traditional? Do they try to innovate or are they fully focused on the triple-tank meta?

Everybody is playing the tank meta and tries to work around it. See if you can fit in a DPS hero and make that work, rather than going full 3-3 NiP-style. It’s mostly about optimizing the Ana-comp, than coming up with something completely new.

Your group is pretty stacked with NiP, FaZe and Dignitas. Who do you think will advance?

Besides us probably NiP. The team seems to play well in the current meta. I also think it will match up well against FaZe and Dignitas.

Predictions for the other groups and the regions in general?

As I said our group should be us and NiP.
As for the second European group it’s probably going to be Rogue and Misfits but I think Luminosity can suprise.
For the first American group it’s probably going to be Team EnVyUs and NRG.
I don’t see any other team than Cloud9 and Fnatic advancing from the second American group.
The favorites for making the overall final from the European region should be Rogue and us, as for the American side of things there’s probably no way around Team EnVyUs

Who is going to win the event?