LCK Summer Split Week 3 Preview Part 1

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Welcome to LCK Summer Split Week 3 action where we see some big matches this week. Featuring in part one of our preview are matchups for Rox Tigers, SKT Telecom, Longzhu Gaming, CJ Entus, Samsung Galaxy, KT Rolster.

Check out all the previews and predictions below.

LCK Week 3 – Part 1

Day 1 ROX Tigers vs. SKTelecom T1

It looks like the tides have turned with SKT starting off the season with convincing victories while ROX have had some hiccups in a lot of last week’s matchups.

Last week SKT had two very clean victories against KT Rolster and CJ Entus. The games, generally speaking, had SKT creating strong early game gold leads as well as strong dragon control. Not to mention a sneaky three man baron. The spot light is once again on Faker with huge Azir shuffles, an un-killable Duke and Bang’s solo kill on Kramer.

In my opinion, ROX have had a rather underwhelming last couple of games. They dropped a loss to MVP in what was supposed to be a very easy 2-0 victory. ROX’s new mid laner Cry seems to be meshing well with the team, with decent (not Faker standard) plays on Azir and super star Smeb also won a 1v1 match-up against an ignite top laner.

Overall, while both teams are very vision orientated, SKT are showing a very strong start to the season. I feel like ROX are still trying to find their tempo in this new meta and new mid laner.

Prediction: ROX Tigers 45% | SKTelecom 55% (2-0 SKT victory)

Day 2 Longzhu Gaming vs. CJ Entus

Two teams with overwhelming expectation coming into the new split, but only have 0-3’s to show for it.

Both CJ and Longzhu have been looking very uncoordinated and lacklustre in their team synergy. It looks as though these are teams that have been formed in the challenger scene with rookie players.

In CJ’s match-up against SKTelecom weaker rotations as well as poor macro play resulted in a swift (2-0) loss. CJ allowed SKT to scale with their super meta tank team consisting of Maokai, Reksai and Faker’s signature Azir.
Longzhu are just as weak and poorly coordinated, being outclassed in a variety of match-ups. All in all, if these two teams do not pick up their practise and communication efforts, we could very well see them in the relegations tournament at the end of week 12.

Prediction: Longzhu Gaming 50% | CJ Entus 50% (1-2 CJ Entus)

Day 3 Samsung Galaxy vs. Jin Air Green Wings

Both Samsung and Jin Air have started the season off (3-0) and (2-0) respectively. However, have yet to have games against tougher opponents like each other, SKT and ROX Tigers.

Samsung have been testing out a new ADC ‘Ruler’, who has been a much more impactful and skilled than their previous ex-Dignitas ADC CoreJJ. Samsung have had an interesting pick-ban phase, pulling out Fiora for CuVee and supportive ADC’s like Ezreal and Ashe.

While Samsung might be having a more carry orientated top laner, I highly doubt that will mitigate TrAce. I’ve been a Jin Air for a very long time, back to the pre-GBM, Chaser and Captain Jack days. Jin Air are without a doubt a favourite coming into this match-up, with formidable team fighting and diving capabilities.

Prediction: Samsung Galaxy 45% | Jin Air Green Wings 55% (1-2 Jin Air)

Day 3 KT Rolster vs. ROX Tigers

Two teams that are always chasing the championship title; ROX and KT have always been close, always close to being the best in Korea, always close to first place in the ladder, but never truly first.

Both teams are very similar in terms of skill.

Ssumday and Smeb can comfortable claim the title for top 3 top laners in Korea. I expect them to both pick very tanky bruiser type top laners and continuously have the so called ‘wet noodle fights’.

Score and Peanut are both equally aggressive in their jungle pathing and ganking. We will see them making a lot of flash Elise cocoons or Rek’Sai knock-ups during the early laning phase where they will attempt to make their mark.

The KT vs. ROX bot lane is a very interesting one. In KT’s previous games against SKT and Longzhu, Arrow and Hachani have been playing very aggressively, with a lot of 2v2 trade offs. I think in this match-up against PraY and GorillA, they will seek to further their aggression and win the laning phase. Hachani has been a strong communicator, setting up a lot of plays especially with Alistar and Arrow has also made stellar performances with Jhin and Caitlyn.

Prediction: KT Rolster 55% | ROX Tigers 45% (2-1 KT Victory)