LCK Week 2 Summer Split Preview 2016

summer split

G’day guys, here’s the week two LCK Summer Split Preview. Sorry we’re a bit late to the action this week, missing the first two days of LCK. Luckily, there’s still 7 action packed games over the course of this week. Without further ado, lets jump straight into some analysis, dank memes and cringe worthy puns.

Week 2

Day 3

ROX Tigers vs. MVP

MVP’s LCK debut against KT Rolster was a solid effort for a rookie team. That being said, MVP’s summer split is going to be nothing short of an uphill battle. They are without a doubt one of the weakest teams in the LCK. When MVP are against such formidable opponents such as the ROX Tigers, they should think of this as an opportunity to improve their communication, plan out early game strategies and see if they can get a hold of the game within its early phases.

MVP is outclassed in every position, as they go up against a lot of well-known veteran Koreans. Every laner of the ROX Tigers possess a carry threat and it is very easy to snowball the carry nature of their laners into a swift victory.

ROX’s sheer aggression in the early game should be very difficult for MVP to deal with. A lane swap that creates a more ‘open’ map could further lead to very early skirmishers that could potentially come out in ROX’s favour.

Ultimately, ROX is expected to win this matchup and it is very, very unlikely that they will lose in the best of 3.

Prediction: ROX Tigers 75% | MVP 25%

Longzhu Gaming vs. KT Rolster

longzhu v kt rolster

It’s very sad to see Longzhu having another shaky season. Longzhu fans, league commentators and LCK enthusiasts have time and time again noted that this is a team that is stacked with talent or players that were previously, very good at their job. But sadly, Longzhu have never been able to translate what they appear on paper to actual results.

What I can take away from their games in week 1 is that:
– A very weak early game from extremely avoidable mistakes
– Aggressive lanes that lack vision, jungler support
– Despite losing in the early phases, they still manage to mitigate enemy gold leads
– The gold lead becomes bigger due to their weaker team fighting synergy

Longzhu aren’t all that bad. The problem is that what they can do, other teams can do better. If Longzhu were not able to take a single game off weaker teams like Afreeca, they simply won’t be able to match the calibre of KT’s rolster.

Predictions: Longzhu 35% | KT Rolster 65%

Day 4

SKTelecom T1 vs. CJ Entus

(Note: CJ have been playing around with their subs Untara, Bdd and Haru)

sk v cj entus

League of Legends king’s SKTelecom come straight outta another international tournament with an easy victory. SKT demonstrates to us the flexibility of their gameplay, adaptability to the changing meta and ability to pick themselves up from losses and come out as one of the greatest teams in eSports history.

To be fair, it is very difficult to gauge how SKT stands in this summer split. While their roster is exactly the same, and the current meta is relatively similar to what it was a few months ago, SKT have always hiccupped throughout splits and even playoffs.

SKT’s line-up is filled with top tier threats, while still revolving around the play-making potential of Faker. CJ Entus on the other hand, have just come out of week 1 with a loss against ESC Ever. Their gameplay has been very sloppy and they haven’t been able to rely on Kramer to carry.

Overall, SKT is expected to win this game. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if SKT pull off another dud split with a lot of their previous issues resurfacing. Hence, this match-up could present itself as a black swan, against all the odds.

Prediction: SKTelecom 60% | CJ Entus 40%

Day 5

ESC Ever vs. ROX Tigers

esc v rox

ESC Ever was always the challenger team with the potential to disrupt LCK standings. They proved that in Week 1 with an upset win against CJ Entus. This team loves to skirmish and have those interesting fights down bot lane with members mobilising down or initiating the fight alongside their bot-lane duo. This team executes their plays in a very clean fashion, and is without a doubt competing for a top spot in the LCK ladder.

ROX lost to Samsung Galaxy in Week 1. While ROX is without a doubt a very strong and aggressive team, there are a few notable things that have weighed them down in Week 1. Their top lane picks (Swain and Fizz) while very good at climbing solo queue, offer less utility in competitive games. Smeb was very able to take off, offering only a semi-off-tank Swain and zero damage-tank Fizz.

Overall, ROX is expected to win this match-up, with a lot of veteran players, experience and aggression that Ever may not be able to handle. That being said, this does not entirely rule this LCK dark horse out of the equation. Ever could present some value for you punt heads or at the very least, take a game away from the Tigers.

Prediction: ESC Ever 40% | ROX Tigers 60%

Samsung Galaxy vs. MVP

samsung v mvp

Samsung beating ROX Tigers was a huge upset, especially considering how ROX cruised through the spring split almost undefeated. Samsung demonstrated very well rounded game-play with very strong team fighting compositions.

While I have labelled MVP as one of the ‘weakest’ teams in the LCK, pity still pulls on my heartstrings to come out and say that they could have a chance at causing an upset since it is too early to make such suggestions of them being bad.

Overall, Samsung have started this season very strongly and is a favourite to win this match-up.

Predictions: Samsung Galaxy 75% | MVP 25%

KT Rolster vs. SKTelecom T1

kt v skDay 6

Oooooo this is a very spicy matchup, pairing two very good teams with great players against each other. Honestly, it could go either way, a (2-0) KT victory, a (0-2) SKT victory or a hard fought three game victory for either team; none would come as a surprise.

While the odds are without a doubt going to be in SKT favours (because everyone is bias and loves champions) KT Rolster have similar calibre players and demonstrate the same, if not more aggressive play style. What I can tell you guys is as follows:

– Ssumday is a more carry orientated top laner than Duke, hence Duke will be looking to mitigating his carry presence.
– Referencing back to the last split, Score is a strong and more assertive jungler than Blank, although Blank can prove me wrong (as he did during the MSI finals).
– Faker is hands down much better than Fly.
– The bottom lane is very close in terms of their play making potential and consistency. I would say that Bang and Wolf could be marginally better.

Predictions: SKTelecom T1 50.50% | KT Rolster 49.50%

CJ Entus vs. Afreeca Freecs

cj v afreeca

I had a lot of respect for Afreeca, as a team that came out of nowhere and managed to maintain a decent standing in the LCK last split. After their first game against Longzhu this split, I was sure that they had improved and looking to make a few upsets as the rest of this season pans out. But I was wrong.

Afreeca have been testing out some new players (Linderang and SeongHwan in top and jungle) while also subbing in Ikksu and LiRa (the main top and jungle players). This raises a lot of question marks above my head as to why management have decided to recruit new players, rotate them in matches and think it’s OK to play Blitzcrank in competitive play.

Overall, the odds are without a doubt in CJ’s favour. And it should be; as a solid team backed up with good players against weaker team. However, should Afreeca bring their A game into this match-up, like they did in Week1, I have no doubts in them taking this series (2-0).

Prediction: CJ Entus 55% | Afreeca Freecs 45%