LDLC exits overwatch scene

Yet another team has dropped their Overwatch line up

LDLC has announced they will be dropping their Overwatch roster, effective immediately. The team has stated they will not be re-signing any of their 7 members on their Overwatch roster, all having their contracts ending at late June, thus discontinuing Overwatch as a whole. LCDC has accredited this decision to poor performance in the recent Overwatch Contenders along with Blizzard’s part, and their failure to execute communication and strategic moves towards the Overwatch competitive scene.

While they have partly mentioned the poor results at the Overwatch Contenders tournament, this is no excuse to dump the team, as they performed extremely well throughout the rest of the year. It was definitely included to dampen their blame on Blizzard, which was the primary reason for the organisation exiting the competitive Overwatch scene. They mentions that “the strategic choice of Blizzard Entertainment”, “doesn’t help clubs” which discouraged them from further investment in the game.