League of Legends 2016 World Championship: Group C Preview

Who will triumph out of Group C?

Group C have been titled as the “group of life” with the highest chance for any team to advance to the quarterfinals.


With that being said, EDG is hands down the favourites to take first place in Group C. The Chinese super-squad made it through the regular reason of the LPL undefeated, cruised through playoffs without a single loss and won the grand final 3-0. EDG are likely to continue this trend and breeze through playoffs with minimal losses.

With EDG smoothly taking out first place in Group C, AHQ and H2K, who would otherwise have a difficult time making it through groups against other teams, are both equally as likely to qualify. It’s very hard to determine which team has the edge as they’ve undertaken significant changes in both play styles, champion pools and roster changes.

H2K’s new ADC Forgiven significantly changes the dynamics of their team. He’s got a super strong laning phase, farms well and possess the ability to hard carry with his wide range of both meta and comfort picks (e.g. Tristana). Alongside the legendary ADC, jungler Jankos has also made a significant step up this split. Being crowned as the ‘first blood king’ of the EU LCS, he participated in at least eight out of ten first bloods during the playoffs.

AHQ is about to make its third appearance at worlds. Historically, LMS teams have always made it to the quarterfinals before getting wiped out by Korean teams. This year, AHQ struggled through the regular split and shamefully lost the grand finals 0-3 to the flash wolves. Westdoor underwent some significant changes to his champion pool. Westdoor started moving away from heavy assassins such as Fizz and Zed and played closer to the meta with picks such as Lissandra, Vladimir, Kassadin and Twisted Fate.

If history is to repeat itself, AHQ should make it through to the quarterfinals. However, should any intel emerge from the teams’ boot camp performances; could have a significant swing on predictions. While AHQ has been a dominant international force, I believe that the aggression and pressure of Jankos as well as the strong (on paper) H2K squad, should trump the LMS all-stars.

My Group C predictions are:

1st place – EDG

2nd place – H2K

3rd place – AHQ

4th place – INTZ