League of Legends – Dominion mode Removed!

Long time game mode Dominion has been an official game mode of the League community for over 4 and a half years! Now it’s time, Riot has officially announced that the Dominion game mode will be removed from both the casual queue, as well as custom mode. This means Dominion will never been seen again unfortunately.

Dominion map

If you look back the last time you played Dominion, League hasn’t really updated the map, almost ever, meaning it was already outdated compared to the usual summoner’s rift, which is the main League of Legends map.

Summoners rift

Dominion is being removed since Riot claimed it was only played on with less than 0.5% of players that usually play the game, while many of the 0.5% were also bots farming exp. Riot claimed they removed the mode since there was an insufficient amount of players while also being reluctant to update the mode anyway since there were only a tiny fraction of real players on the mode. This meant queue times were usually very long since there weren’t any players, which lead even more to the deterioration of the mode.

Farming dominions

The response to this have been extremely negative, as Dominion players demand Riot to leave Dominion how it is. As a consolation for players, Riot has offered a new summonor icon to all player who have achieved over 100 Dominion wins, it actually looks pretty cool and it will definitely be rare since not many play Dominion.

Dominion icon

Dominion Tweet

I think due to the overwhelming negative response in the removal in the Mode, I’d reckon Riot will try make a surprise rework of the map and introduce it later in the year to please the players.