League of Legends Patch 6.14 Champion Updates – Rundown


Ryze will be getting completely reworked! All the skills have either been adjusted, or completely changed. His ult will now not give him extra movement speed and mana, instead, the new reworked up will form a portal wich teleport teammates in the area to an area of choice near by.


Leona has been damage nerfed with all her abilities. To not completely make Leona unbalanced and to comfort Leona playes, they have made her root duration with her E 0.5 second, doubled from the original 0.25 seconds. This will mae Leona a lot less bursty, and promp Leona to peel more, rather than engage in team fights dealing a once off damage burst combo.



Sona’s play style has been changed quite abit. Sure the abiltiies are relatively the same, but some passive and effects that run in the background which help Sona are going to be removed. Her passive will now no longer be abled to be extrended through tagging her teammates.

The Q’s Damage will be reduced at higher levels, which is a welcomed changed since Sona is hated for that insane burst damage lategame. To offset the damage nerf, the heals and movement speed in her kit has been increased.

Sona’s R will also be nerfed as they have removed the, Hymn of Valor Bonus, Aria of Perseverance Bonus and the Song of Celerity Bonus.



The tibber on Annie just got a whole lot less effective after she dies. If Annie if dead, Tibbers will no longer attack your opponent if crowd controlled. However with Bearish Initiative, if he enter Fog of war Tibbers will “continues pathing to the target’s last known location”.

There have also been bug fixes on tibbers, where he couldn’t attack towers, inhibs or the nexus. The bug where tibber wouldn’t go beserk if you gave hi a command when you are about to die is also fixed.



The final W damage is still the same at level 18, however the scaling towards the final damage has been adjusted. Azir will now do less damage early game but will still be playable, since the nerf isn’t too hard. This will give early mid laners a chance, without having to take that much poke damage.



Fiora’s passive has been buffed a bit, since the health from a Vital hit has been increase. The damage from her Q (lunge) will also be increased, since players tend to max that last. The damage scaling ratio for bonus attack damage has changed from 0.55 at level one to 0.95 at level one. The final bonus at lvl 5 will still be the same.



The tentacles will be nerfed, as before they hit the ground, the indicators will be more obvious which will allow opponents to dodge them easier.


Lee Sin

The shield on lee sin’s W has been increased. This is a welcomed changed since the shield is way too weak for a level 5 skill. The shield will be the damage level one, but as it is leveled, it will be much greater. This is intended so Lee sin’s will level up the shield in the mid game, and may have been introduced to reduce the damage on Lee sin’s by encouraging them to level the E last.



Pretty simple changes this patch, her passive will be buffed slightly late game while her damage on her Q (the bind) will be slightly reduced by 10 each power up.



Malzahar has been way too ahrd to gank lately, with his insane passive which allows to block spells and CC, Malzahar’s movement speed and attack range has ben reduced. This attack range has been nerfed to encourage malzahar to be pushed a fraction more in the lane which will allow junglers to gank him more easily. Movement speed has also been nerfed slightly to allow him to be ganked easier.



Poppy has overall been buffed this patch. The damage on her passive is reduced by 10, however, the shield and cool down on the passive has been buffed for Poppy’s advantage.

The bonus movement speed with her Q has also been increased, as if poppy wasn’t annoying enough to gank….



The tremor passive on Rek’Sai’s burrow has been nerfed tremendously. Each tremor sense (ping / circle dot thing) will now occur 2 times less frequently. This will make reksai harder to sense his target when moving and will seriously affect his viability in picking people off. It has also been changed where minor movements will not be able to be detected. THis means Rek’sai will be unable to sense people in bushes if they move slightly.



Taliyah has been made ton’s easier to player. The W is now easier to cast as it doesn’t require to be casted twice to place and redirect, instead it now will be made like rumble’s ult casting method. Cool down of the W has also been reduced. E damage has been slightly nerfed overall as the mine damage is reduced if it does damage to the damage target more than once.



Slight gold changes to his Hex cor item which make him weaker early game, but will not affect his overall cost of the final item. Hex core cost from 1000 to 1250, but the upgrade cost will be reduce allowing victor’s final item to cost the same at 3000 gold.



Just bug fixes. Q will now always crit if he has 100% crit chance (obvious fix). Windwall will block projectiles even if it was cast the time Yasuo died, this will help his teammates. Fixed confusing E bug which allowed him to E faster while people were knocked up.