League Of Legends Patch 6.5 Drops

Riot has announced that LoL Patch 6.5 will be dropping on the 9th of March 2016 and everyone is waiting to see how the updates will play out.

Riot Announcement

lol patch 6.5

Read the official statement.

Love For Old Champions

Jarvan – Was once a top-tier jungler now has a lower cooldown on his Golden Aegis and Cataclysm. Jarvan also has the ability to do AOE damage.

Urgot – Now has a useful engage tool instead as opposed to the questionable suppression it was before.

Soraka – Had a mini rework that changed how her “heals” work. Yes, another re-work.

Kog’maw – Riot has removed the passive attack speed from Kog’maw’s kit. This will make him into a typical hyper carry as opposed to the instant ban since 6.2.

More details to follow.