League of Legends plakyer KonKwon quits playing LoL!


Korean League of Legends support “KonKwon” has announced his retirement from League of Legends.


KonKwon has announced today that he will be quitting the League of Legends scene via twitter. This announcement follows his recent signing to the team “Apex pride”, where he transferred to pride after previously staying with the original Apex team, “Apex Gaming”.

KonKwon has also previously played for major teams such as Team Coast and NRG

Who knows why he has quit League of Legends, maybe it might have been due to the overwhelming stress that LCS and competitive League of Legends players alike face every day. It also may be due to internal reasons with Apex, where he got moved to the sister Apex team, “Apex Pride”. This is a possibility, but is unlikely since if it was based on team issues, he could have simply moved to another professional LoL team, instead of quitting the scene all together.

It is unclear if KonKwon will be moving into another game and he has yet to announce his future plans. It is possible he will move towards the Overwatch scene, since Overwatch is currently the largest game in Korea.

Hopefully we see more of him in the future, we wish him all the best!