League of Legends World Championship 2016 – Rundown

The 2016 World Championships will be held throughout North America

World CP 2016 long

The 2016 World Champions will be held in 4 stages, the Group stage, Quarter finals, Semifinals and the Finals. All the 4 stages will be held in different locations throughout North America, similarly to the 2015 World Championships where each stage end up being held throughout multiple countries.

Locations for each stage :

  • Group Stage: Sept. 29-Oct – Oct 2 and Oct  6-9 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, California
  • Quarterfinals: Oct. 13-16 at The Chicago Theatre in Chicago, Illinois
  • Semifinals: Oct. 21-22 at Madison Square Garden in New York, Chelsea
  • Finals: Oct. 29 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California

World CP audience

Since this year’s world championships will be held throughout the NA region, it will cut the travel costs for teams tremendously and allow a greater number of viewers to view more than one if not all of the matches since all the stage locations are in a single continent. That said, I think last year’s world championships allowed more viewers from throughout the world a greater opportunity to attend the event since many people around the world aren’t able to travel to NA just for the World finals.

The prize pool is still to be decided since all the team spots have yet to be filled.

Current teams to be in the 2016 World Championships:

Edward Gaming
Royal Never Give Up
I May

KOO Tigers
SK Telecom T1

G2 Esports

North America
Team SoloMid
Counter Logic Gaming

South East Asia
Flash Wolves

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