League of Legends Worlds 2017 to be held in China

As expected and long overdue, China, one of the biggest League of Legends community will be hosting Worlds.

As usual, the League of Legends World’s tournament for 2017 will be featured in one of the major regions. The past worlds have been in North America, Europe and Korea, so it is only right that the toh piece of the larger League of Legends puzzle be filled, China. China is known for having one of the biggest League of Legends community, largely contributed to the nation’s huge size and love for competitive online games. While China has yet to win Worlds or host another huge internstional tournament such as IEM, they will be taking the task of hosting LOL Worlds 2017.

The Worlds tour in China will travel to 3 different areas of China, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, all major cities for international investment and trade. The matches for each location have yet to obviously be confirmed as it is still early in the year and teams have not yet been selected. Riot has however confirmed the match types, and dates for the tournament specifics such as the finals to be held in the international central, Beijing on the 4th of November.

Play in : September 23-26 + September 28-29 at Wuhan Sports Center Gymnasium, Wuhan

Group stage : October 5-8 + October 12-15 at  Wuhan Sports Center Gymnasium, Wuhan

Quarterfinals : October 19-22 at Guangzhou Gymnasium, Guangzhou

Semifinals : October 28-29 at Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, Shanghai

Finals : November 4 at Beijing National Stadium, Beijing