Leaguesharp is shutting down!

There will be less hackers / scripters as Leaguesharp is shutting down

Leaguesharp is a company / website that offers hacking and botting software to users which subscribe monthly. This has meant scripts were being widely sold and distributed by League sharp. As a result, Riot filed a lawsuit stating their ability “to ensure a consistently engaging and compelling gaming experience for players” were infringed upon.

Riot games has won a huge 10 million dollar lawsuit against Leaguesharp’s Matthias Oltmann, administrator Stefan Delgado Argote, administrator Tyrone “Tom” Pauer and a Peruvian company named Chachani Misti y Pichu Pichu as defendants. Not only did Riot win the case and get the 10 million dollar compensation, the settlement also meant that Leaguesharp had to turn over their website domain, source code for programs and cease all operations.