LFY visa issues resolved

Monet and Inflame have recieved their visas

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We can all stop holding our breathes as LFY visa issues have been resolved. Earlier this month, they went public, posting a letter sent by the US authorities denying them access to the United states for the biggest esports event in history, The International 2017. This was clearly a huge issue, as most of the the other players from various team attending the TI7 event were granted access immediately, without having to go through this stress and hassle. This sent a huge panic throughout the community, to not only the team’s fans, but Dota 2 supporters throughout the world. Monet and Inflame are extremely skilled players, and their absence would spell disaster for the team, and seriously tone the competitiveness of the TI7 event.

There is currently only 2 weeks before the big event starts, so it is extremely lucky that the US officials were able to interview and process the players fairly quickly. Of course, now esports visas are a thing for professional players, so it should be no surprise that these players were granted access to compete.