LG vs EchoFox Previews, Analysis and Odds

Luminosity vs Echo Fox.

Esports Championship Series ECS

Tonight we are taking a look at Luminosity vs Echo Fox match hosted by ECS Season One. This is a best of three event that will kick off at 1.00am GMT 29/4/2016.

Echo Fox have gained an advantage against Luminosity after dropping MOE from their roster and picking up Shazham, whom we saw performing exceptionally as a solo player at the HTC 1V1 Invitational. Taking a look at how they have been performing together before the roster change we can see that they have been fluctuating between wins and losses with more losses than wins, and have recently only won one game against Team SoloMid.

Echo Fox’s Recent Match Results:

CLG vs EchoFox = LOSS 
Cloud9 vs EchoFox = LOSS
TSM vs EchoFox = WIN
Optic vs EchoFox = LOSS
Vault vs EchoFox = LOSS 

The Brazilian side, Luminosity have dusted themselves off after getting knocked out of Group A in Dreamhack Malmo by the dark horses, Tyloo. Luminosity recently won their first Major at MLG Columbus after an unconditional defeat against Navi.
Luminosity’s Results:

Without A Roof vs LG = WIN
Selfless vs LG = WIN
Selfless vs LG = WIN
NRG vs LG = WIN 
Tyloo vs LG = LOSS

My Prediction:
I predict Luminosity to win this best of three based off their recent results, the fact that Echofox have been fluctuating and they have a new player which they haven’t practiced strats with yet. This game will 78% be in the favour of LG but eitherway we wish good luck to Shazam!

Calvin Hynes.