LG vs NIP | ECS Season 1 | Tips Odds and Previews

Esports Championship Series ECS



LG and NIP are matched up against each other in the Group A stage of ECS to be held on the 24th of june at 13:15 CEST

LG and NIP are very evenly matched up in their recent matches. Ofcourse NIP as a team have been on the top of their form right now. However they also have shown slight inconsistencies in the way of vetoing. They chose Overpass in their last matchup against LG ( or one of the matches against LG).


LG themselves are surrounded by the whole controversy regarding them moving to SK. The deadline for the move comes quite close and as such there would be quite an emotional pressure for the team.


In terms of skill, both the teams are quite close to each other. LG as a team have not been too active recently, while NIP have played some matches and have mediocre results in their matches. Overall I feel the SK measure should affect the LG players and maybe I am giving it too much attention, but I will bet on NIP.


They are the lower odds and they have a stability to their roster.


The Prediction :  55%-45% NIP

The Bet : Low on NIP.