LGD new 2018 roster

‘Yao’ gets benched in favour of ‘xNova’

One of LGD Gaming’s most senior members / players has been recently benched for former WG Unity support superstar, ‘xNova’. Yao has been signed with LGD for around 6 years having joined in 2011, that said, during his time, he hasn’t always stayed with the team.

LGD had a fairly poor performance at the recent TI7, while it is fairly late for a roster change considering most team have already locked in their rosters, LGD has taken drastic action to improve their team for 2018.

While it is sad, Yao as one of the team’s most loyal members is getting removed, there is no doubt xNova is a step above him. That said, xNova isn’t someone who can by himself overturn LGD’s recent sub par performance. LGD has decided to bring back fy into the support role while Chalace gets moved to the offlane.