LGD vs Five Esports: Tips Tricks and Previews

LGD and Five Esports are matched up in the finals of the  IMBA TV Cup to be held on the 28th of May 2016 at 1500 CEST

Imba TV



LGD lost to Tyloo 16-4, 16-13 in the semi finals. The second match on Cache was a close affair which could have been won by LGD if a few key rounds had gone their way. Five Esports on the other hand has been facing the much weaker teams in Edward Gaming and CZEN. They did manage a decent 6-8 rounds against CZEN which is commendable. However coming into this match would be LGD. LGD’S recent matches defintiely show the amount of effort and enthusiasm present in the team


LGD does look as the stronger team coming into this match. They have the better experience and the raw talent required against a team such as Five esports


The Prediction : 65%-35% LGD

The Bet : Medium LGD