Lifecoach to quit Hearthstone

Lifecoach has announced in a vlog, he will be stepping out of the HS scene

Adrain “Lifecoach” Koy has always been, and still currently is one of the best Hearthstone players in the competitive scene of the game. However, in a surprising announcement via a vlog titled “NO MORE RNG PLEASE”, he has explained that he will be stepping away from the hearthstone scene in favor of more competitive / skilled games.

Lifecoach states that Hearthstone has been in a very bad competitive position for very long, as while the game does take skill to maximize chances of winning, it is in the end will revolved around RNG. He also mentions that Blizzard / HS developers are taking away the skilled aspects of the game, while making a more fun casual player experienced as it keeps the game more balance; it seriously harms the competitive scene.

However, don’t fear, Lifecoach will still be competing in ESL Trinity Series and so called skill-heavy or interesting formats. Aside from Hearthstone, you can catch Lifecoach in the Gwent scene, where he announced he will be stepping into.