Liquid Become the Only NA team to Reach Semifinals at MLG Columbus 2016

Liquid were able to come out on top in the all NA quarterfinals at the Major. The maps for this best of three were Cache, Mirage and Train.


Map Veto : Liquid vs CLG Maps

The start to the domestic battle that was CLG versus Liquid was a one-sided one on Cache, as the former got off to a quick 5-0 start following the initial pistol round, a gun-round and a couple of anti-ecos.

Liquid’s real comeback started when player S1mple obtained a double kill in mid, however jdm64 denied that with a triple in a 2-on-4 for 6-0 scoreline. S1mple’s form continued in the next round however as his AWP got 4 kills to win them their first round.

CLG were able to command a good lead and went on to finish the half with a 12-3 shift, a major shift considering Cache is not very T sided. Liquid however are very good in their matches and had a fantastic T side of their own losing only one round on their T side to win the map 16:13.

The second map was Mirage. Traditionally this has been a map that CLG are favored on by a huge margin. Towards the end of the half CLG were able to abuse gaps in Liquid’s B defence and obtained two rounds for 6-9 as Terrorists. Everything went downhill from there however when Liquid won the second pistol and both anti-ecos for 12-6.

Stats for Liquid vs CLG

Overall stats for Liquid vs CLG


Previous to the match S1mple had received a standing ovation from the crowd as he entered the Nationwide Arena.