Liquid surprise everyone with the 2-0 win over NRG



NRG had been bootcamping coming into this tournament. They were bootcamping with EnVyUs and quoting the EnVyUs players, the scrims with NRG were tougher than Fnatic.


However NRG were up against Team Liquid in their match today. The match-up saw Liquid turn up to play. The co ordination of the team on Dorado was on point. Azk was shut down as he was almost never allowed to use his Mcrree ultimate. Immediately upon hearing the sound cue, the entire team turned towards AZK and killed him before he could use his  6 second ultimate.



NRG team were not able to hold down any chokepoints as they simply made the entire team look mediocre in their performance. They played in open places which allowed the attackers much more flexibility and hence Team Liquid were able to process their options.

The reverse of the map saw a very lacklustre offense by Team NRG. Overall the better team was Team Liquid, in which is a very surprising result for many including the two casters.


The two teams will play yet again in the knockout match to decide who goes on to the playoffs.


Check out the entire match :