Liquid vs. Cloud 9 – NA LCS week 9 – Previews & predictions

liquid vs c9

A throw back to a few weeks ago where I said “Cloud 9 should win against Liquid”. Cloud 9 proceeded to lose. So now we’re once again at the crossroads between Liquid and Cloud 9.

Lourlo = Impact. They’re quiet similar top laners, usually always fighting the other top laner while keeping an eye out for chances to teleport. Lourlo and Impact have very similar statistics, almost too similar. They both have KDA’s of 3.8, kill participation of 62% and deal a total of 18-19% of their teams damage. That being said, Lourlo is more inclined to get kills while Impact is much more supportive and tends to die for the team.

Dardoch > Meteos. Dardoch farms harder, earns more money, participates in more kills and deals a truck load more damage for his team.

Fenix = Jensen. Both Fenix and Jesen are two of the best mid laners in NA along with Pobelter and Bjergson. Fenix and Jensen are the quiet heros for their teams, contributing an insane amount of damage and attention to their lanes.

The main difference between Cloud 9 and Liquid is their bot lanes. While Sneaky also puts the team on his back at times, Fabbbyyy is extremely quiet, receives less resources and does a lot less damage. It’s sad to say that Dardoch deals more damage to champions that Fabbbyyy.

Overall, I still hold my position that Cloud 9 will beat Liquid in this match up. While it is indeed a very close one, and the odds speak for how neck and neck these players are, I still believe that Cloud 9 are the stronger team. Hopefully they don’t let me down again.

Prediction: Liquid 45% | Cloud 9 55%