Liquid vs. Echo Fox – tournament tips, odds and betting preview

liquid vs echofox

Liquid have been playing extremely well, especially since the introduction of Fabbbyyy to their line-up. Liquid deserves a round-of-applause after winning the early game against C9, but had to remake the game due to a knock-up bug. With a great deal of leadership from Dardoch and mental fortitude from the whole squad, they won the series despite losing the first game.

Echo Fox are having a lot of problems this split. And in all honesty, as much as Rick Fox wants to make his players ‘champions’ he is better off replacing Big, Hard and potentially KFO with different Korean imports, previous LCS players or NA challenger players. Because with the way it is currently looking, a lot of Echo Fox players are not playing at the highest level and do not posses the capabilities of becoming that.

Liquid should be able to win this series, especially with how much they are improving.

Predictions: Liquid 70% | Echo Fox 30%

The Bet: Medium on Liquid