Liquid vs. Immortals – NA LCS week 6 – Previews & predictions

Liquid vs Immortals

While TSM and Immortals reign over (no pun intended) the NA LCS standings, the question is, who will beat them? The only reason why middle tier teams like Apex and NRG have been grabbing wins is from defeating even weaker teams. However, this is not the case for Team Liquid. They’ve had an impressive run thus far, beating Cloud 9 and Team Envy and losing to TSM and Immortals.

This matchup presents a great deal of challenges for this young squad. It is obvious that Immortals are the clear favourites in this match-up. However, we should tread carefully when it comes to games that could result in a huge upset. The primary problems that Liquid have to deal with are:

  • Lourlo being outclassed by Huni
  • Better synergy from Reignover and his laners than Dardoch and Liquid
  • Pobelter providing greater support/roams to his team than Fenix

While Dardoch makes a significant impact on almost every single one of Team Liquid’s games, it can be difficult for a jungler to carry when his entire team is behind, and towers are knocked down (opening up the map).

Overall, Immortals have the superior team and skill. However this does not mean an easy victory for Immortals as I am expecting this match-up to go into game three; which could present good value for an upset.

Prediction: Team Liquid 45% | Immortals 55% (2-1 Immortals victory)