Liquid vs LG– ESL Finals Tips, Odds and Preview


Liquid and LG are matched up against each other in the ESL week 1 Group stage match on 12th February 2016 at 05:00 CET.




Simple has always been really good on Cobblestone. His aggressive AWPing on A long and on A site in general helps his team score many entry kills. They are almost put in an advantageous situation due to this. We all remember the 4 kills by simple on A tunnels. Either way, Cobblestone is a very loose map in the sense that it is very T side oriented. Liquid themselves are very T side oriented. Their matches are characteristic of this T side aggression on their part. They almost always push out somewhere or try some risky positioning.




LG are decent on Cobblestone. Their recent matches do not include Cobblestone as much as other maps but that is also mainly due to the fact that it’s almost always banned by one team or the other. Overall while in terms of aim, LG are favored, in terms of map pool this map heavily favours Liquid as Liquid’s T side is really good on this map. Their main disadvantage was on the CT side. However with the addition of Simple,  it puts forth the factor about their CT side being really strong ( comparatively).


Overall while LG are decent in their aim and strategy, this deserves a small bet on Liquid. Liquid are more comfortable on this map and their performance will be directly related to Simple’s AWPing.


The Prediction: 60%-40% Liquid.

The Bet : Low on Liquid.

Risk : Medium to High.