LiquidMana vs MarineLord Review


The following game was part of the the seventh HomeStory Cup tournament in Krefeld, Germany on December 17th, 2015, which featured a $25,000 prize and the participation of several top flight pros.

After spawning on Prion Terrace both players quickly went to work expanding to their naturals and building their armies. The aptly named ‘MarineLord’ opted for a nice marine, maurader, medivac and tank composition and his opponent Mana opted primarily for stalkers, adepts and immortals. While there was some very mild harass play at the beginning of the game, both players focused initially on a balanced approach of economy and tech without committing to any early all in aggression.

Key Moment

A key moment came early on, when the Terran player achieved a damaging though not completely devastating drop on his opponent’s natural expansion. Precise control enabled the attacking marines, backed up by a buried window mine, to stay alive despite taking heavy enemy fire. While the drop was eventually crushed by a timely photon over charge, by that point the damage had already been done.

Entering into the mid game Mana used an advanced group of eight stalkers to attempt to deny his opponent any opportunity to scout or expand. These troops also served to contain his adversary by threatening to blink counter but ultimately they were unable to prevent the third gold from being taken and the Protoss’ economic advantage was neutralized.

After Securing Third Base

Having secured his third base, MarineLord’s focus turned to a massive push down the left side of the map. Marines, tanks, liberators and a sole medivac were mobilized for this attack. Meanwhile a warp prism carrying a four adept payload snuck alongside the bottom of the map and unloaded it’s deadly strike force into the Terran main. The adept’s Glaive Cannon, with its 25 damage vs light units, is perfectly designed for worker destruction and the dropped adepts along with their warped in brethern quickly devasted MarineLords’ economy. At the same time, Mana sent in the rest of his troops through the front door and a couple of timely force fields prevented any scvs at the terran’s gold from escaping to safety.

Simultaneously the terran push continued unopposed, destroying first the gold expansion and then secondly laying waste to the protoss main. By the time that the smoke had cleared both players were set back economically and while toss had a 2:1 worker edge this was compensated by the terran’s triple orbital command mule call downs on his gold base. This mineral income enabled MarineLord to fully pump from his still extant barracks and by simultaneously attacking on two different fronts he was able to cripple Mana and achieve victory.

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