LMS All-Stars vs. IWC All-Stars

lms v iwc

This preview will look at the match between the LMS All-Stars vs. IWC All-Stars on the 13th of December at the 2015 LoL All Stars tournament.

The IWC All-Stars are facing off against the LMS All-Stars for their final match at Riots All-Star tournament. With both teams on 2 losses, it will be a fight to grasp onto that last win and put a little faith back into their respective regions.

The LMS All-Stars faced a loss to EU LCS with a score of 10/19/18 compared to IWC’s losing match score of 11/29/18 against the NA LCS All-Stars, on day two. Due to being outmatched by world leading regions like the LCK, both teams have been playing catch up to try and muster a win.

Early Mistakes

Currently the odds are stacked against the IWC All-Stars as basic but big mistakes are continually being made pushing them behind early on. Even though LMS have not been playing as aggressively, they seem to have a far more skilled team as the IWC tries to show that they can be taken more seriously. Casters have said one of the biggest downfalls for the IWC is that there is no real leader to take command and push for the team to check off achievements during the game.

Lack of Unity

The lack of unity in the team during their previous games is quite apparent and is why I predict that LMS will come through with the win this time round. If early game ganks come into play by IWC’s jungler Dimajke, there might be an opportunity that top laner Smurf and midlaner Kira could capitalize on some kills. Regardless, they face LMS’s midlaner Westdoor and jungler Karsa who have show in their previous match ups that they have the potential to hold their own.