Log in for free Hearthstone packs!

As a celebration for hitting 70 million players, Blizzard has gifted free packs to all

The most popular card game is ever expanding, now hitting an amazing 70 million players world wide. The game has grown by an astounding 20 million players in only a year, where in 2016 they announced hitting the milestone 50 million player mark. As a celebration every player that logs in will recieve 3 of the new Un’goro packs as a free reward from Blizzard.

It’s great news that Blizzard has reported a growth of Hearthstone. However, they have much more to work on, fixing the competitive scene and enticing organisation to invest should be their main priority. Hearthstone’s stagnant competitive scene has been the main issue for a very long time, hopefully the increased interest in the game will see more teams invest in the game.